“Design is as much about understanding the way the sun enters the room as it is about furnishing it.”

Valerie Dahan is a comprehensivist. Part architect, part interior designer, and part stylist, her approach is the remedy for any home in need of a renaissance.
Valerie’s creative intuition is a tapestry of the places she’s called home — Morocco, France, and Los Angeles. Valerie began her career as a fashion designer, earned her BS in design from UCLA followed by a Master’s from Southern California Institute of Architecture, and has been designing interiors for the past 19 years.
Dahan brings her inherent passion and unique talent for color, layers, and human nature to every project. Her approach is all about complementing the unique quirks of the people inhabiting the home, rather than designing for a new page of her portfolio. She is honest and direct, and always over-delivers.
Valerie juxtaposes heirlooms and art with lo-fi basics, and repurposes what clients already have in surprising ways. For many clients, their Dahan-styled space is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. She knows she’s done her job well when they return from work and feel instantly at home.

323.397.7758 | valerie@valeriedahan.com